I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in Machine Learning at Yale University, USA.

My machine learning interests revolve around time series, graphs, and geometry with applications in biology and healthcare. My main focus relies on developing robust and interpretable methods that can improve the cooperation between humans and AI. I’m studying this interaction from a computational and philosophical perspective.

Prior to Yale, I received my PhD with the highest honors at KU Leuven, Belgium, under the supervision of Yves Moreau. In the past, I was also a research scientist at MIT (with David Sontag), University of Toronto (with Rahul Krishnan), and at ETH Zürich (with Karsten Borgwardt). I have received a FWO PhD fellowship award and a two mobility grant awards.

Outside of academia, I have held appointments at Google X, Microsoft Research, Janssen pharmaceutica, and Nokia.

You can download a full CV here.

Contact: edward.debrouwer [at] gmail [dot] com